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Electric Scooters
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InMotion Unicycle
The SCV V3 by InMotion is the newest Smart Vehicle on the market.  You will be thrilled to ride the unicycle like SCV V3 everywhere you want to go.  The unicycle has integrated BlueTooth ap for communicating with your Smart Phone and BlueTooth speakers to share your tunes.  Also av …
InMotion Unicycle SCV V3 C
INMOTION V3 PRO is a new self-balancing electric unicycle which uses two-wheeled in parallel design and comes with an extensible rod. It is the first electric unicycle product which supports APP. It also comes with Hi-Fi Bluetooth speakers and uses drop-shaped design in appearance. INMOTION V3 PR …
Mantys Golf Scooter
  Every golfer understands the benefits of walking the course versus riding – more focus, a better understanding of the course layout and faster play because everyone is going straight to their own ball. However, carrying a heavy bag, drinks and navigating terrain adds another layer of c …
$3,250.00 $2,750.00
Mantys Transporter
In addition to Golf, the Mantys mobility vehicle can be put to use in various other applications like  warehouses, resorts, terrain inspection, final mile delivery etc.
Prophete eScooter
Segway X2 Golf
Self Balancing Transporter R1 EX
  The smallest, lightest, most deft sensor controlled vehicle ever; Safe & easy to drive; SmartKey remote control; Easy handlebar removal for simple transportation Modern sporty & trendy design; Striking front blue & rear red LED lights; Dazzling & sharp integra …
Self Balancing Transporter R1 EX Power Edition
Self-balancing 2 wheeled scooter
Major Materials - Magnesium Alloy+Aluminium Alloy+Lexan PC Specifications -  Height: 128 cm                                Length: 61 cm &n …
Momo Foldable 20"
The model Foldable have technical features of the first level : high capacity battery (48V 15Ah), folding full-suspension frame, hydraulic disc brakes , alloy wheels. This is the first folding electric bicycle on the Italian market with a battery with a capacity of 720Wh . The appeal is particula …
Electric scooter RAZER E 100
Electric scooter RAZER E 100 Glow
Electric scooter RAZER E 90
Electric scooter Voltis ES-01
Electric scooter Voltis ES-01 for adults is a perfect addition to any urban transport and gains more and more popularity among the metropolis residents suffering from traffic congestion and a chronic lack of time. Light (16.5 kg) and compact (100h10h25sm folded), this elektric scooter can be easi …
K2 - a tribute to the famous summit conquered by the Italians - is the new foldable Italwin with cutting-edge technological choices.  Disc brakes, 20 "wheel with larger tires, large front chain ring to get a perfect cadence, designed to tackle the climbs due to the coupling between the dia …